Commonly known by it's appearance in Modern Warfare 2. The M93R (Raffica) is a three round burst variation of the Barreta M9.

This weapon is uncommon - rare and is found only in millitarised area (barracks, radio towers, etc).

The ammunitiion range for this weapon is relatively broad, encompassing the cartiges of the M9 Magazine(15 rounds), the M9 Magazine SD(15 rounds) and of course the 93R Magazine.(20 rounds). The M93R does roughly 900 damage with these magazines.

The Raffica can shoot at an effective range of +-100M. This means, anything over 100 meters will see damage loss and general lack of accuracy.


This is a M93R NOT from Breaking Point. However, the design is similar excluding the shoulder rest which is not in Breaking Point. Try to imagine a mix of the Baretta M9 and this image.