The Smith & Wesson Mark 22, is a .9mm semi-automatic handgun which primarily features in DayZ: Breaking Point.

Overview Edit

The Mark 22 is the US Navy seals designation for the Smith & Wesson Model 39 handgun, which was developed for the US Army Handgun trails in 1954, after the Army abandoned their search for a new pistol, it became popular on the civilian market in 1955 and became Smith & Wesson's first generation semi-automatic pistol.

The Mark 22 featured raised iron sights and featured a threaded barrel for a removable suppressor. The raised sights were useful as the normal factory sights where blocked when a Suppressor was attached.

Primarily used by the US Navy Seals for clandestine operations during the Vietnam War and as a standard issue sidearm.

Tactics Edit

The Mark 22 is a common firearm in Breaking Point, frequently spawning in Resident Loot Spawns. Effectively, the Mark 22 has replaced the Makarov PM from the original DayZ.

It holds 8 rounds, does relatively low damage and has a somewhat unique gunshot report which makes identifying it from range, fairly easy. An ideal personal defence weapon against Zombies, but poor versus players.

The Mark 22 has two variants, it's default version and an SD variant. The SD variant is arguably the better choice for looting towns and cities, but the rarity of the weapon makes it a difficult choice. This version can use both SD and standard magazines.

Regardless the default Mark 22 can also use SD ammo, while you sacrifice a little bit of damage and loss of accuracy over range, you gain in being not able to alert any Zombies to your presence over a quiet gunshot.

Statistics Edit

   Category: Pistol/Siderarm
   Rarity: Common
   Spawn Location(s): Residental
   Damage: 889 Blood
       Mark 22 Magazine
       Mark 22 SD Magazine
   Magazine Capacity: 8 Rounds
   Range: 80m
   Zeroing: None
   Rate of Fire: Moderate
   Recoil: Low to Average
   Noise: Low to Average
   Firing Mode: Semi
   Attachments: -
   Alternate version(s): Mark 22 SD
   Differences to the DayZ version: None, does not appear in DayZ

Variants Edit

Mark 22 SDEdit

The Mark 22 SD is a variant of the Mark 22 fitted with a sound suppressor. It spawns in Residential Loot Spawns at a much rarer chance than the default Mark 22. It can use both SD and non-SD magazines which makes it an ideal zombie control weapon.

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