The Walther PPk is a sidearm in DayZ: Breaking Point but it currently does not exist in the current loot tables however its ammunition which is '''PPK Magazines''' does appear.

Overview Edit

The Walther PPK is a compact pistol manufactured by Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen a German arms manufacture.

The PPk was released in 1931 and was popular at the time for civilians and police and was the most common pistol out of the Walther PP line.

The K stood for Kriminal referring to the Germany Police Criminal Division, being more useful for plain clothes and under-cover work due to its compact frame and concealability.

The PPK is commonly chambered in the .32 ACP cartridge where in most areas of Europe, it is known as the 7,65 mm browning in a 7 round detachable magazine.

Tactics Edit

The weapon does not appear officially in any of the loot tables, however Server owners can change what weapons officially spawn in custom hives. As such, most of the time PPK's will spawn primarily in Residential Loot spawns, in a similar vein to the Makarov PM.

The PPK behaves similar to the DayZ default Makarov with a 7 round magazine over an 8 round magazine. It has a unique report which would make it easy to tell apart from other weapons.

Additionally the PPK is largely only useful versus Zombies, the small magazine size coupled with its overall weak shot makes the weapon less useful against human opponents.

Statistics Edit

   Category: Pistol/Siderarm
   Rarity: Unknown
   Spawn Location(s): Does not currently spawn in the "Official" Loot Tables
   Damage: N/A
       PPK Magazine
   Magazine Capacity: 7 Rounds
   Range: N/A
   Zeroing: None
   Rate of Fire: Moderate
   Recoil: Low to Average
   Noise: Low to Average
   Firing Mode: Semi
   Attachments: -
   Alternate version(s):
   Differences to the DayZ version: None, does not appear in DayZ

Trivia Edit

  • While the weapon itself does not appear in the Loot Tables, it can still be used in the Editor. The weapon itself behaves similar to the Makarov, possessing low power with a fairly quiet report, however the report, while quiet to Zombies is still relatively loud for Players.